In every Obi Ogaranya, different  characters exist, due to the many wives, who came from different backgrounds to bear  the various children of Ogaranya. These different wives of an Ogaranya are the root of the different  characters and personalities of the Ogaranya’s children. In spite of all the riches and wealth, both in personalities and other things of a given Obi Ogaranya, these are still the pride  of the Ogaranya himself. As far as he is concerned, everything can be found in his little kingdom of wives, children and subjects.

The above analogy, can be likened to what is obtained  amongst the children of Eke, the father of Isiekenesi, who was also, by right, can be said to be an Ogaranya. We are rich in different  characters, personalities, and other things, hence the differences in many things about us, but especially in our different opinions and views on many things. These, if looked at from a realistic stand, can be progressive, with deeper, with deeper understanding. If channeled properly, devoid of jealousy, can be also to our advantage in our search for Progress and Development. In spite of the rancor  and various opinions in issues, great minds are capable of turning these differences into a tool for Progress. After all, ASU NWANNE, ANAGHI ABULI YA ELU; FOR INFACT , ONE IS STUCK WITH ONE’s BROTHERS AND SISTERS , FOR LIFE. Do we have a choice?

A bad  brother  is better than a good friend, since OZU SHIME USHI, EZIGBO ENYI KA NWANNE ALAKPURU. With  this understanding, therefore, there should not be room for our disagreements to a point of bitterness and hatred of one another, just because of differences in our opinions. We should be able to define an acceptable Main Objective/Goal, based on democratic  principle of majority vote, and allow our various opinions and views resolve around the set Goal and or Objective. My observations, so far, amongst us, is in our inability to recognize, and appreciate one another’s good points, and harness them to our Collective Main  Goal. Rather, whether we recognize these or not , we let our dislike of personality becloud our good sense of reason and judgement. As this plays out , the rancor and disagreements set in, thereby scuttle the Realization of our Good intended Purpose.

Again, some of us  are in a mad rush for Recognition, ne is False, Imagined  or Real; however, we do not allow time to naturally bestow these on us. This, again, prompts us to pull down one another, especially those whom we think and assumed to be on our way towards this recognition. Anything founded on a quick-sand, is a bound to crumble, with time. Acknowledgement  of our deeds in life come from others, not by self-propelled recognition. Nature also, has its way to apportion recognition, where it is due. OBUGHI IKE MMADU, OBUKWANU IKE CHINEKE. If we Focus on

By Late Otoiheoma Egbe.